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Orbital: Dŵr Budr

This one was easy in parts and difficult in others. I think I started thinking too much at points; I’m not sure. Anyway, this sort of gets an idea of the song across. There are some parts here that work … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 721: Questioning and Pondering

The days stretches out and lays itself out for all to see and view, but that is not where it all leads to; not in this case. Instead over the gliding oceans do objects hover on their way toward unknown … Continue reading

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Orbital: Monsters Exist Review

A couple of years ago Orbital got back together. Stupid joke that incorporates the title of the album, Monsters Exist, here. There’s a thread of indecision that runs through Monsters Exist. Whilst the album is comprised of light dance tracks, … Continue reading

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