Ryuta Suzuki: The Buried City

This was written over one listen but there were a few parts where I stopped and rewound a little which wasn’t a good idea. I got more out but I could’ve waited for the replay. Oh well.

I’m not sure of exactly what I was trying to capture here. This does capture certain parts of the song well enough, but I don’t know if it does a particularly good job overall.

As a side note, this is a song I’d like to hear redone with different instrumentation. I’m pretty sure a lot of this is sample sounds of not the best quality. Maybe I’ll tackle it myself.

Ryuta Suzuki’s (鈴木 隆太) “The Buried City” (“埋葬された都市”) is from the soundtrack for Wild Arms 4 (aka Wild Arms the 4th Detonator), WILD ARMS the 4th Detonator ORIGINAL SCORE. The soundtrack was a collaborative effort between Michiko Naruke (なるけみちこ), Masato Koda (甲田雅人), Nobuyuki Shimizu (清水 信之) & Ryuta Suzuki.

I hope you enjoy.

Strings throb whilst a drone moves along in a hollowed space. The drone seems to get brighter before disappearing in time for percussion to come in with a slow and steady movement. A low synth joins and slowly oscillates whilst another sound briefly punctuates.

Soon the sounds start adding more movement whilst something else starts to shine in a distance. More sounds come in and reveal a melody that slowly develops. There is detail coming through and there is a sense of mystery that grows.

Eventually something akin to a piano comes in, building and emphasising as it makes its own way down through the sounds and, alongside the other sounds it shifts to something with a little more drama. There remains space and there remains a slowness and the percussion keeps beating away as the sounds sink lower and lower, looking for a realisation of an awareness.

Sounds of bass come and go and eventually sounds pull back, leaving more space. Suddenly all shift and the beat picks up more detail, though it remains slow. New sounds are bright and dim and muted and the melody continues in a form that is as similar as it is new. More strings continue on but they soon end.

Something seemingly heavier and perhaps a bit more tense comes in, seemingly showing something that is old yet familiar. Mystery seems to be revealing itself though this eventually gives away for something else where sounds flicker and flutter and float on a breeze. A back and forth seems to occur between strings and some muted brightness before the beat picks up once more but only for a moment.

Bass throbs and dulled brass comes in. Once more the beat returns and keeps things steady whilst all seem to reveal a grandness that is as large as it is small.

Gentleness carries through and sounds float on around and through scenery  that they themselves create. Space remains and softness follows the space and it is almost celebratory. Woodwind comes in and seems to emphasis the melody whilst all remains at revelatory, and it continues as such until the song ends.

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