Linckoln: Chicago

This was really easy to write and I’m happy about that.
I think I could’ve written a bit different though. This is pretty vague but I think something about the song was captured well enough. Mostly its feel.

Linckoln’s “Chicago” is from Dew.

I hope you enjoy.

Steady the beat pounds whilst waves lap at the shore. Some more percussion and the beat fills out and suddenly some light and airy sounds come through. There’s a joy and perhaps a plastic feel to it all as it all moves on with such a strong sense of the idealistic. Synths upon synths move around, over and through each other whilst a driving beat and bassline keep on moving along and anchoring everything.

It’s all sunny and nice and gliding along. It gets moving and keeps on moving and it just drives on really well whilst some sounds find themselves added in and it almost feels like a scene very far removed perhaps from what it suggests. Maybe it is entirely appropriate, but it just feels really fun and lively and perhaps it is all really a dream and an illusion. Perhaps it is all surface and maybe when the drone comes in it is peeling away the thin veneer of shining and joyous sounds. The sounds fade away and disappear as the drone moves on through, removing all until the sound of waves return as the song ends.

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