Linckoln: Pacific Rim

Another Linckoln song I’m rambling about (the other two [thus far] are here and here).

I feel like I covered the whole thing well enough with the first paragraph and then I relaxed a bit and kind of lost my place. The second works well enough, but I feel the first is stronger when it comes to representing the song.

Linckoln’s “Pacific Rim” is from Dew.

I hope you enjoy.

Upon a static something hollow rings out and slowly, as though rainfall through a wreckage memory and image fills out. Things are blurry, vague; they are merely a suggestion. Still, image comes forward, and perhaps there is a wreckage that contrasts against a lighter, more jubilant sound. Perhaps there is no wreckage, but the clashing of sounds and ideas remains.

Something lively emerges, though it remains behind something. It is not something that can be reached, but it can be watched as it slowly moves away. Something else has slowly plodded into view whilst the hollowed ringing upon a static slowly morphs, but that plodding eventually leaves and the ringing stretches out and eventually dissipates into the sound of rain, and that rain is heavy and it drowns out all, though it finds itself stopped at the song’s end.

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