Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1189: Just Some Driver-related Rambling

Been riding my bike again as I miss riding my bike and I think I said this recently, but I’m saying it again as… well, that’s the way this bit of writing is starting and that is the main topic.

Actually the main topic is about how some drivers drive, but it’s related to cycling and so I’m starting this off by mentioning my being back on the bike in order to ride around on it and ride to places and all that stuff.

Anyway, I enjoy riding my bike, but what I don’t enjoy is how some people act around cyclists. Admittedly this is something I’ve crapped on about before and I probably never will stop crapping on about it as it remains something that I have to keep on dealing with, but, well, you know.

Anyway, I was riding my bike this morning as I wanted to ride my bike before work, and wouldn’t you know it, about to cross over to a footpath so I can go along a “detour” path that goes far away from the cycle path but that was fine as I wanted to take the detour path due to needing to get home before work started and a car comes in the opposite direction. It’s a curved bit of road but that’s fine, but they decide to cross over to middle of the road to take the corner, getting really close to me and the car behind me.

This is an easy curve to follow. There is plenty of space and the car was not long enough to justify drifting that far over, but it did for some reason. The car I drive is longer and wouldn’t need to take that curve moving out of the lane.

Maybe I’m overthinking this and this person, like a good few too many is just shit at driving.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say. I could go on about how aggressiveness to cyclists is seemingly a badge of honour in Sydney, but I think what I’ve said covers the whole thing well enough.

I just wonder as to why so many drivers willingly reveal how bad they are at driving when it comes to being around someone on a vehicle with two wheels. I don’t understand what motivates someone to get aggressive at someone else who is making use of a transport option that, where able to, more should. It’s much better for the environment and clears up a lot of road congestion. I imagine that, at the very least, taking more cars off the road would be beneficial to those who use their car as they don’t have to spend as much time in traffic.

Anyway, the way that cyclists are treated in Sydney is much better than it was five and even ten years ago, and that’s great. In many ways the attitude is still pretty shitty, but it’s improving and I hope it continues to improve because cycling is a great thing.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:46:31

I think this would’ve been under ten minutes had I not decided to rewrite a bit of it toward the end. That aside, not a great work. Pretty rough, pretty stretched out.

Written at home.

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