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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1189: Just Some Driver-related Rambling

Been riding my bike again as I miss riding my bike and I think I said this recently, but I’m saying it again as… well, that’s the way this bit of writing is starting and that is the main topic. … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 185: Rambling About Driving

If I could easily express how much I don’t like urban driving, I would. I’m probably going to express that a fair bit right now, but my articulation is not always the best so I guess this is sort of … Continue reading

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Druitt Lane

Or at least a good part of it. This was taken this afternoon. I had to dash into the city and took this before leaving. It was overcast which helped give this view an odd sort of lighting. I like … Continue reading

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Thurnby Lane, Evening

Taken whilst wandering around Newtown. I like that the image is dark due to low light, though I feel it could’ve used less detail. I think that some of gaps are filled in by the mind, but perhaps not enough. … Continue reading

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Sussex Street

This was taken whilst doing a few more test shots of one of the newer lenses. I think that the depth is a little better on this photo than some of the other recent ones I’ve taken. I like that … Continue reading

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山谷堀公園 (Sanyabori Park)

I was wandering around looking for food in the late afternoon on the second day Gabe and I were here when I ended up walking through a few park areas. I would probably call this a park lane due to … Continue reading

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