Max Cooper: Hope

This one I think I was focused more on what the song was doing. I think. Maybe I wasn’t but I know I was mostly switched off whilst writing.

Some parts are smoother than others which is unfortunate as I’d rather it be even, but overall I think the writing works.

Max Cooper’s “Hope” is from One Hundred Billion Sparks.

I hope you enjoy.

From nothingness comes forth a long hum buzzing away with a sharpness that does not cut. Underneath something wavers forward and the hum disappears. This new form is lower, more muted and blunt. It carries warmth as the hum comes back in and soddenly there is no sharpness, or at lest it is curved away.

Harmonies come forward as sounds shift and morph. They slowly seem to morph, though maybe it is just things coming in and out suggestion a moving forward.

Low bass seems to gently thump away and it is almost as though morning has come. It is almost the start of the day. Other sounds pull back and let a smallness be suggested as there is almost a minimalism to this even though it remains full. Percussion is light and steady; it is focused and it feels like it is allowing a drive and build.

Eventually what sounds are present look upward and there is less of a dreamlike state now. There is more of a sense of being aware and being alert, though still at ease. A sense of determination starts rolling on through as the sounds gently, yet firmly continue their movement toward expression.

They remain focused and they push on forward with little effort. They carry comfort and they carry certainty and they carry it with an ease, though no grace. Something seems to be pushing through as the sounds slowly move through a cycle and all harmonises. It is distant and not always there, and perhaps it isn’t coming at all. Maybe it is lost in the coalescing of sounds; it is difficult to tell.

Seemingly all is building toward something but it never goes so far as to make that a statement and so all remains big in a small way. It remains as such as sounds gradually peel away, leaving a warm warble to fade out as the song ends.

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