Blue Man Group: Exhibit 13

One listen for this one.
I wasn’t sure how to go about this one, which is not different from usual really, but I found myself thinking too much about what I was doing which didn’t help much. I think I was starting to get to something toward the end and I should’ve gone through a few more listens, but the result is okay.

Blue Man Group’s “Exhibit 13” is from The Complex.

I hope you enjoy.

Percussion pulses quietly in a quiet space. It holds rhythm steady; it forms a base and soon additional sound builds upon. Strings underscore and draw out whilst additional pulsing seems to quietly rise up and off and fade away as it does.

Gradually more sound and texture weaves itself in and it seems as though some sort of despair is creeping forward. It’s not long, however, before the sounds look to the dramatic and the climactic.

Something more distorted sits in the low spaces and further underscores and a glimmer of hope reveals itself. It starts small and it remains as such, but it still widens and invites. It does not fade but rather it remains strong for the length of its stay.

In a quick moment much of the sound pulls away, leaving percussion to pulse quietly and fade out, almost as though someone is walking away and switching off a light on their exit as the song ends.

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