Vice City: Fantasma (Abstract Mix)

One listen for this one. I feel I should’ve gone for a second as there was a lot I missed and I feel this doesn’t cover the song well enough.

Vice City’s “Fantasma (Abstract Mix)” is from Reconstruct Fantasma.

I hope you enjoy.

A mysterious sound flickers and seemingly oscillates whilst a percussive strike scatters and spreads. It seems to have shattered and it continues to to break and smash whilst more sound that could be percussive comes in. It is, at the very least, mechanical.

Space clears and there is something else that makes itself noticed in a loop. Slowly something else, seemingly growing comes to the forefront and it spreads out and lowers whilst staying exactly where it is. That loop rises and other percussive sounds come, but they clear and the focus is on this growth and it continues to smother everything and clear, and something seemingly searches upon its surface whilst other sounds appear as clicks and beeps, and all seems calm, though maybe not quite at ease.

The sound is wide and narrow and parts of it shimmer and it seems beautiful and odd, and fantastic, and it slowly thins and recedes as the song ends.

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