Bocuma: A Small Cluster

One listen for this one.

I think I threw myself off a bit. I’ve listened to this song a few times but I don’t think I was expecting it to be as simple as it was and so I didn’t allow myself to get loose and more vivid, or write in a way that expressed imagery. As such this captures the song, but not as expressive as I hoped.

Bocuma’s “A Small Cluster” is from The Day of Purple Dawning.

I hope you enjoy.

Sound pulses back and forth with a steady rhythm. It underscores a nothingness and an emptiness that seems like it will soon fill. It is not long before this sound starts rising and falling, moving toward something else and keeping a melody forming. Something else pulses in the background, eventually moving forward as though it is rotating into prominence. These two sounds almost seem like they’re out of sync, but they continue their careful motion around and alongside each other, almost trying to stay that way.

Suddenly they stop and voices come in, and they are clear and vague, and there is some sort of firmness and worry, and more sounds come in, filtering through, carrying a cold warmth and seemingly pulsing some more, and remaining almost not like sound, or at least like some sort of dulled crystalline object, but it fades, as does the conversation as though it was just something passing on by, and the song ends.

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