Luis Vasquez: Title Screen

Two listens for this one, mostly to see if I could pull a bit more out of what I was hearing. Probably could’ve finished this in one. However, I did also slow a bit during the first listen, but anyway.

So I thought I’d get more out of what I heard but apparently I was wrong. That’s fine; sometimes you don’t get as much as you think you will.

Luis Vasquez’ “Title Screen” is from Ecco the DolphinTimeless Ocean, a tribute album based on the music from the Ecco the Dolphin games. The song here is a cover of the title screen music from Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future.

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar heralds the rising sun and it shimmers upon the ocean still as it is full of motion.
Soon bass, percussion and other sound roll on in and a steady rhythm rolls out. Guitar floats, glides and crests over the rhythm and a joyous sense washes over all; the fantastic rules and permeates with unabated ease.

Soon the guitar separates, but it remains slow and it further rises above, viewing the grandness as it spreads, and all is fine. It keeps its slowness and soon settles back closer to the other sounds. The fantastic remains prominent and all are aligned, moving across vast space and remaining flowing toward their final note at the song’s end.

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