Spencer Nilsen: Time Forgotten

One listen here, but had a few early restarts.
I don’t think right now was the best time to write as I need to head out very shortly and I think that pressure affected what I wrote. I also feel like I was struggling to keep up, perhaps due to trying to capture more than what I could.

Spencer Nilsen’s “Time Forgotten” is from Ecco: Songs Of Time, an album compiling re-recorded songs from the first two Ecco the Dolphin games.

I hope you enjoy.

Woodwind crests over a low hum. The hum fades, the woodwind plays carefully, a strike and the hum returns for a moment. Something seems to respond to the strike and it soon finds its own place as the sounds establish a form and flow. For a moment all sounds seem like they will be washed away by something large, but instead the formation continues in a barren space.

Percussion fills out and all continue on. The percussion picks up once more and grows in intensity, then pulls back and the sounds become fuller and more dramatic. Around each other they move and flow and find the part that is theirs. It is a steady movement that keeps its space more in the background, but it is there.

Suddenly another rising and the sounds grow greater in scope. It is almost a flourish of bits and pieces working together to reach across and and create what they must, and they are wide and full.

Once more space returns and something akin to an earlier moment is found, and it is steady, and something rises out and away. One more strike and the sounds settle and stop as the song ends.

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