Hitoshi Sakimoto: Small Departure

I just threw myself into this and I think the result here is verbose.
I tried to draw from the scene I remember this song playing in and went from there, but now that I think about it I could be mismatching the scene and song. In any event, it was one listen and I managed to crap on a bit more than I expected and said little.

Hitoshi Sakimoto’s (崎元 仁) “Small Departure” (“ちいさな旅立ち”) is from Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter‘s soundtrack, Breath Of Fire V – Dragon Quarter: Original Soundtrack. The soundtrack was also released as part of Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box a soundtrack collection of the soundtracks for Breath of Fire I through to V.

As a side note, the song is also known as “A Small Journey” and “A Small Beginning”.

I hope you enjoy.

With gentle steps and a firm conviction the decision to move onward is made. There is a sense of relief in knowing that a decision has been cast; in knowing that a refusal to tolerate what has been set and decided as what should be, and so a looking upward to the sky and dreaming, and letting that dream build into hope for discovery for something better, so as to improve on one’s quality of life.

The keys continue making their mark as the decision to help is set. Bonds form as the keys step and reinforce the decision as the one made not as some grandiose statement, but as one true to one’s character and desire. It’s a small statement but it’s one with certainty and its echo is far more appreciated than perhaps can be said, and maybe there is some uncertainty, but the will is unwavering when it comes to see the journey out.

On that last moment a sound draws out as the keys lighten themselves to find the tenderness, and it stops and the song ends.

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