Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1250: Too Much Coffee

So I’ve had far too much coffee for myself today and now I’m starting to space out. Trying to write this is a bit like trying to force something to move when it doesn’t want to move but I am going to persist as I want to get this done. I want to write. I don’t want to have another day where I’m not doing anything due to procrastination and not due to needing rest.

However, I’m spacing out more and more and it’s not great. I can get there; I can get through this but I’m having trouble due to too much caffeine. I’m not a caffiend and so I’m not resistant to its effects. One coffee is fine; two is pushing it and here I am, spacing out after having had two cups of coffee.

If I space out too much I’m going to float off into space. I’ll still be close to our little home planet but I’m gonna be drifting off up there somewhere, held in orbit, floating and floating and not really going anywhere.

I guess I’d be going around the earth, but you know. I’d be moving around in space and time but I wouldn’t be going anywhere with my life and that’s something I’d prefer to avoid. I want to go somewhere but being up there, stuck due to the amount of caffeine in my system wouldn’t be a great situation.

I need to get myself a tether so as to keep myself attached to the ground. That way I won’t float away. However, what if I’m so spaced out that I start dragging Earth with me? What if this then leads to taking the planet out of orbit and we end up on some weird space journey that lasts a really long time? What then?

I think I’ve consumed too much coffee and I think that I’ve now doomed the planet to some sort of weird adventure that’s incredibly boring and entirely dangerous. This is not good. Why didn’t I think before I drank? Why did I have to have that second coffee?

Of course I could not tether myself and maybe that’s what I’ll have to do. I just have to accept my fate. If I do that then perhaps things will be alright. Maybe things will be okay. I don’t know if they will, but maybe that will be the case.

It is possible that once the caffeine has passed through things will be okay. I need to keep that in mind. I could end up return back to the ground after I’ve stopped spacing out and if that happens, then it’s all good, but then I need to take a parachute with me as I’ll end up falling once I’ve entered the… lower atmosphere? Not sure which level of atmosphere but there will be a point where I start falling so a parachute is a good thing for me to take with me.

Why did I have two coffees?

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:29:00

This is a bit more in the spirit of some of the intention I had when I started this blog. It’s also more in the spirit of stuff I wrote before I started this blog. Also a bit attached to reality due to having too much coffee today; not sure on the floating off into orbit bit.

Not yet, anyway.

Written at home.

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