Nubya Garcia: Before Us: In Demerara & Caura

I wrote this last night, then took a brief break before posting. Fatigue caught up to me.
Anyway, I think this bit of writing is really uneven. There’s a bit where I was in the moment and it doesn’t read well, but it feels less stunted, I think. But overall an uneven bit of writing.

Nubya Garcia’s “Before Us: In Demerara & Caura” is from SOURCE. It features Ms MAURICE on Trumpet

I hope you enjoy..

Percussion gently rolls in until it finds its low, firm beat. Keys come in, almost awkward and bass arrives smoothly. Once there the keys lock into the groove and play almost in an angular manner. Saxophone soon follows and plays smooth over it all, as does trumpet.

All have their place and flow along with a little bit of, perhaps danger and excitement among it all, but it’s quite low-key.

For a few moments it seems that there’s a build to something far bigger. The sounds fill but after one more calling from the brass things pull back. In this quiet moment the saxophone moves more freely and the sounds start to push outward, growing and seemingly striking, but they hold the main melody in mind and so they change whilst remaining firm.

The saxophone keeps on rising and the keys, bass and percussion follow just behind. An intensity builds and rises and swings low and smooth, but it keeps building, frothing and bubbling and rising and rising until it meets with the other brass for a moment and calls once more.

Lowness again and trumpet plays out, moving here and there. There’s a seeming increase in pace in the instrumentation whilst the trumpet calls and steps and stops, but the speed remains the same.

The trumpet swings low and echoes whilst the keys, bass and percussion get riled up and all find themselves within this grand moment. They travel and move and soon the trumpet calls out once more and once more it is with the saxophone.

Lowness again and the keys roll on out as the bass and percussion play precise and gentle. The trumpet and saxophone move together, slow, seemingly swaying in brief moments. The sounds build, or seemingly build once more and the brass keeps on moving together and all builds and the brass calls out one last time, leaving the remaining instrumentation to fade out as the song ends.

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