Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1254: Heavy Clouds Linger

Heavy clouds linger in the air and in writing and thinking that I’ve gotten an idea for something, but I imagine that idea will float away. Oh well.

Anyway, heavy clouds linger in the air and the sky is an alternating hue of grays. It’s like waves if waves were held still whilst sunlight remained consistent across their surface. However, these clouds are much more ominous. They do not appear as though they are going to disappear without first releasing an immense amount of rain upon the earth and that’s fine right now.

Well, it’s not as there are things that need doing and some of that involves work outside and if it rains heavily enough that’s another day of not doing anything which is something I quite desperately want to avoid. I don’t want to have another day of nothingness. I want a day of exploration.

The interior of this residence is dark as the sun’s light is not entering the way it normally would. There might not be much of a point in having the curtains drawn as the light provided is not enough to reduce the impact of eye strain.

For a brief moment sunlight pierces through the clouds, albeit remaining obscured. It seems like it will come through but it also feels like a last gasp before disappearing. Of course it won’t disappear and perhaps that is a little too dramatic but that’s just how it feels in this particular moment.

It appears once more, brighter than before and disappears once more, though less dim. Perhaps the sun will get through the clouds. Perhaps it will cause them to move apart and then there will be a clear sky. There will be a brighter day and if so, then that’s fine. It’s better as it means the external work can be done.

This changing of light throws me off as I’m not sure if I should switch off the light in here or leave it on. Once more outside it grows dull and so inside is more useful. What if it changes again? As it just did as I wrote this? What if it now holds out?

The clouds may not be as heavy as they seem. Of course there is the layer of exaggeration, but what if they only appear to be menacing and there will be no rainfall today? Perhaps I should be making the most of the time I have now and getting on with things and then if it starts raining at least something will have been done.

There are many options.

The sun’s light is growing brighter. It is holding out. I’ve just taken a quick peek and the sky is almost formless light; it has been consumed by intense splendour. I still wonder if it will last. Perhaps it will; perhaps it won’t. It is too early to tell and I am not a meteorologist.

At least there is some warmth seeping into this room, even if it is fleeting.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:05:27

Slow to write. Didn’t feel a struggle but was actively thinking too much, I think.
A bit flatly dramatic too, I think.

Written at home.


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