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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 141: on Being Single (Kind of)

Well, I really need to hurry as I set a post to be published at a future time a bit earlier in the day and now it’s not long before that future time arrives. Due to my wanting to make … Continue reading

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Imagine a World

It’s been a while since I’ve put up some sub-par poetry, so here you go! This was meant to be uploaded whilst I was in Japan, but it didn’t happen… so yeah. —– Imagine a world where there were no … Continue reading

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Japan Trip: From the Second day in Onomichi to the Fifth day in Tokyo

I was lucky enough to wake up in the morning before the guy I did not like started yelling at someone on the phone. It was annoying. I got myself ready for the cycle and double-checked the location of where … Continue reading

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Problem 9: An Argument is Nigh!

Apologies for the lower-than-usual quality of the below. Brain still in work mode. — I don’t know anyone who likes to argue. Actually, maybe I do, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, I don’t like arguing. I can’t express myself … Continue reading

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