One Thousand Word Challenge 47: Not Writing What I Should be Writing

I’ve been sitting here for a while procrastinating on writing. I probably should have started writing earlier, but I didn’t. Need to finish a review off, but that likely won’t happen until tomorrow morning at this stage. Such is the way of things.

I don’t know how it is for others, but sometimes when I get tired of writing I decide to write. I don’t know why. Perhaps I am compelled to write and when I don’t feel like doing so I somehow still feel like doing so, if that makes sense.

I think it makes sense to me, but only in a way that doesn’t make sense, or something. I think.

Anyway, I’m sitting here and I’m trying to think of a way to write the second half of this review, but what I really should be doing is jotting down more notes and then expanding into sentences. Or perhaps I should be finding other ways to write the review. I should be sitting here and writing away and getting it done so it’s another one off the list of catching up, but I don’t think it’s going to happen right now as right now I don’t feel like writing it, but I need to. I need to stop procrastinating and get to it, but instead of doing so I’m just going to sit here and ruminate for a while as that is far more interesting to me in this given moment. Maybe it is a waste of time, but maybe it is not.

My arms seem hairier than usual. I don’t know why I wrote that down.

On the plus side, what I’m listening to right now is pleasant enough. It isn’t what I am meant to be reviewing, but I am enjoying what I’m hearing. Currently I’m listening to “Toy Automatic” from The Afghan Whigs’ In Spades which is a rather satisfying listen as far as I’m concerned. Solid album, solid performance. The album that I’m meant to be listening to I just don’t want to listen to anymore. I’ve played it enough that I’m done with it, but of course I will have to go back sooner or later.

It’s not a bad album by any means. It has some well-structured exploratory jazz and sounds classically jazz, so to speak. It’s a well-crafted collection of songs that sound like they came from one person backed by a band willing and eager to perform. Brass comes through as strong as piano, percussion and other instruments. People weave in and out of each other, knowing when to come forward and to pull back and follow the songs trajectories to a tee as they journey in and around their sound and rhythm. The first two songs are oddly-placed and do impact the album’s cohesiveness, but the songs and ideas come through strongly, but I just don’t want to listen to it anymore.

I’d rather also write about other things, but of course whatever those things turn out to be is yet to be seen. That might just be a good thing as it means I’m going in a bit more blind. At the same time, lack of foundation can be a bad thing.

I don’t know what else I can say at this point, but perhaps I can think of something as I let all of this come out and I keep on avoiding writing the review and listen to more of In Spades. Still a good album at this track. Still a good album the rest of the way through.

Maybe at the end of the day instead of overthinking the whole process of the review I need to write more loosely. I have been working on the new form of writing but of course it is taking time and I think I’m still thinking too much about what I am and am not writing, which is okay. The thinking will eventually be a bit less, but right now it is still causing issues that I don’t want to have to deal with at this point as it slows my process down far too much; well, that and the procrastination, of course.

If I could just say about how it seems that the band bounces off and reacts to each other, I’d be quite happy. If I could talk about the only song with vocals on it being rather rhythmic and kind of a standout track, then I’d be happy. I’d be happy if I could talk about the relaxed nature and how it sounds like everyone is having fun whilst being completely professional, I’d be happy. I think I’d be happy if I couldn’t talk about those things also, but… well, you know.

It seems that in my attempts to write about stuff in order to avoid writing the review are having an effect where it’s coming out here and I guess that’s a good thing, but right now I kind of want to write about writing more than anything else. Maybe not at the start of this bit of writing, but now that I’ve come this far I feel as though it would be better to write about writing rather than the album I’m meant to be reviewing.

Actually it would be better to stop writing this and work on the review, but that’s not going to happen until this ends, but that of course will come soon and I’ll go back to trying to put together words that express music in a non-music form, or something to similar effect. Maybe I’ll come up with something profound whilst exploring the minutiae of the musical textures and say something so amazing that I will have to stop the review and more onto something else.

Either that or I won’t say something amazing and instead just finish the review and move onto the next thing. That also works.

I don’t know where I was going with this, so it’s probably a good idea to have this end here.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 17:02:10

Whilst writing I thought I’d have this done pretty quickly. It took less than twenty minutes which is something I’m happy about, but it was slower than I hoped.

Probably my most grounded bit of writing in a while. A bit repetitive in places, but I’m kind of okay with that.

Written at home.

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