Five-Hundred Word Challenge 705: Illuminates and Restructures

Something shimmering shimmers its way on down and past all the crowds that are looking elsewhere. It leads to the ground and then disappears as the ground illuminates and restructures itself to form shapes relentlessly familiar, yet not recognisable as anything seen before. It’s a show and no one is looking.

Slowly, yet surely after the restructuring the ground unfurls and creates different shapes and sensations all to its own tune and beat and continues to illuminate, glowing brighter and brighter. Over time it becomes almost indistinct as anything other than a large mass of light, but that does not last forever as eventually people begin to look and realise that there is a far greater spectacle beneath them than among themselves.

The ground dims just enough so that some features and lines become recognisable as features and lines. Shapes gain some sort of distinction and as such the ground can resume its reshaping with witnesses to the spectacle.

And of course it continues to do so, but does so slowly and carefully. It is almost as though there is an expression of deliberation so that every move is calculated and there is a lack of waste. There is a lack of randomness in the reshaping and restructuring and reforming, but to the onlookers it appears as though it is random and confused. They are unable to make sense of it, though it is the first time they are witnesses to such an occurrence; there is little to do other than stare and try to comprehend the event that is occurring far beneath them.

Sharper, more distinct shapes take form and fall apart once they are complete, over time letting loose particles create what appears to be a thick fog of glowing soil. Objects reach higher and farther, but never so far up that they become a concern for the onlookers. As the ground keeps on with its dance and its creation it slowly loses its glow. It seems to slow more and more in its forming and reforming.

Eventually, after enough time has passed the ground has returned to its original levels of light and has settled back to how it was beforehand. Onlookers entranced by what they were witnessing slowly come out of their daze and, after attempting to talk to each other to work out what was happening, realise that there is no point in trying to make sense of it all and thus decide that it is time for them to return home. The audience breaks apart and empties the region of human element once more.

On their return home they try to talk to others about what happened, but most drop the subject after coming to a second realisation about trying to get others to believe. The event never happens again, leaving great amounts of disbelief regarding the recounting; As such the memory and information about it belongs only to those who just so happened to be in the right place and the right time.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:20:88

I’m not sure as to what it was that I was trying to express with this one.
Perhaps something difficult to explain. Don’t know.

I think this would have worked better if it was more expressive than descriptive, if that makes sense. Probably does make sense but I’m a little too tired to try and work out if it does or does not.

Written at home.

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