Zuntata: Photosynthesis Suite ~No. 01 Iron Fossil~

There were a few pauses and slight rewinds when I was listening to this. Helped me get some things down, but overall this mostly flowed. It was easier to write than the prior one and took less time.

I feel as though I’ve done the same as I did with the last one, but perhaps a little closer toward describing the song.

This song is also known as “組曲光導 ~第一曲 鉄の化石~” and “Photoconductivity Suite ~ First​ Tune: Iron Fossil~”. It’s from Zuntata’s Dariusburst Another Chronicle Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for the game of the same name.

Zuntata is Taito’s in-house music team.

I hope you enjoy.

Tender, certain. A ringing bass-like instrument under a vocal line. A quiet air. Some descending whilst the vocals keep producing sound. the instrument more overtly reveals itself as percussive as it lowers. There’s time for thought.

The instrument simplifies itself, slowly peters out. The vocals stretch out a bit more. Then a sort of signalling off before percussion comes in at full force. The time for action is at hand. A slight swell of strings and the song blooms in full.

This is almost a taking off. Synth sounds stretch out and at full speed and rhythm does the song thrusts forward and holds momentum with ease. There is a range of expression in the melody as it rises and lowers. It’s almost expressing a width that is visible from a seated, linear view.

A sudden shift into something less melodic and more “focused”. Something winds on down, strings begin to rise up. Tension builds, then releases to a beatless moment of strings and vocals, perhaps looking for a moment to rise up from some sort of defeat. The swirl of strings and once more the beat returns, and thrust returns.

Bubbling sounds join in on the rising drama and passion, though this stops once a plane is found to surf and flow along. A brief pause, a swell of strings and and now the vocals continue their impassioned expression. A pause in the scenery before the beat comes in once more. Momentum recovered, continues on and once more dives into a repeat of the focus, following that path the whole way through as it was the first time around. The loop continues as one more striking out and thrust forward, driving itself further and further toward some sort of end, but then it all drops out, the vocals rise and the song suddenly ends.

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