Five-Hundred Word Challenge 906: Writing Essays

Shortly after finishing the last bit of writing that I shared here I started thinking about how writing essays would probably have been easier for me if I set time constraints to write them when I was writing them and then just wrote down whatever came to mind on the topic. Had I done this, then I am sure that I would have gotten more done in less time. Of course, there is the fact that I need to consider my not starting on essays early enough that certainly didn’t help with getting them done in a timely manner, but that isn’t something that I’m going to get into at the present moment.

To clarify, I’m referring to essays that I wrote for uni. Not sure if I needed to clarify that, but that is now something that I have clarified and now that you know that you know that, so yeah.

Writing essays is of course not that easy to find a solution for when it comes to terms of writing them quickly, but I feel that this method would have helped me with writing them.

Of course it is easy for me to say this all in hindsight. There is no guarantee that the act of working under a timer would have made it easier for me to write essays. It may have made things much harder and that is not something that I should rule out. I do want to rule it out, but I cannot and therefore I need to consider more possibilities.

What I am basing this on, however, is the idea of writing down a whole load of stuff, then going through it and seeing what does and does not work and then going from there.

Maybe I really am not thinking about this enough and should think about it more.

Still, doing that would have been better than sitting around and not doing much, then trying to write and edit my essays in one sitting which is something I am happy to admit was not a good thing to do and caused a lot of stress that could easily have been avoided. Had I worked on things in a different manner, then no matter what there would have been an improvement… so long as that way of working things didn’t involve doing things at the last minute, or late. Had it involved either of those, then… yeah.

I do want to work on writing essays more. It’s not so much that I miss writing essays (though I do), as much as it is I like the way they allow you to construct thoughts and arguments, so long as they’re written well of course. I’m not going to argue that I write good essays, but I do enjoy the format and so I might just work on writing some more. Either that or I say that and will instead attempt one and then give up due to some extreme reason that I think of.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:21:53

This felt slow to write, which I think is kind of interesting as it wasn’t slow.

Not anything out there; pretty grounded writing. Could perhaps be a little more focused and less repetitive.

Written at home.

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