Murder by Death: Raw Deal

Few more pauses when doing this one. I was hoping to avoid but I’ve managed to make myself feel ill, so I made this as easy as I could for myself.

I’m mostly content with this as I think I managed to balance talking about how the song progressed and the imagery that was coming forward. That said, I do think this could’ve been better. I feel the writing is a little too dry for what I was expressing.

Murder by Death’s “Raw Deal” is from In Bocca al Lupo.

I hope you enjoy.

Percussion rumbles in the background as notes play out some sort of decisive statement. A slight trail appears soon, building the atmosphere whilst keeping space.

Soon words enter, sung low and emotive. Soft vocal harmonies find themselves sitting somewhere in the background in a way that allows for prominence without taking over. The main vocals express some sort of remorse and hopelessness, but only in the face of the consequences of both actions and lack thereof, rather than regarding what led to said consequences.

The song shifts into something away from the main melody thus far; something not quite deeper, but perhaps lower and more “descending” before allowing the percussion to flow on its own for a brief moment.

A return to the verse and cello draws out more of the drama of the narrative and weight of the emotion. There’s a little more tension now; the music takes on a greater richness and the vocals become fuller and more expressive, though also more resigned to what awaits.

A slight pause before the song launches into what could be a violence, or at the very least the facing of the consequences themselves. Guitar rages on and the song sounds furious for a brief period. It is an intense expression and only as long as necessary.

The guitar stops and the other instruments keep telling of the aftermath whilst the setting seems to shift into one of hushed tones. The guitar returns, as do the vocals. Now they sound mournful and resigned than before. There’s certainty.

Soon most of the instrumentation drops out and the final few words are said whilst with minimal support. Perhaps there is acceptance here; acceptance of the consequences that the narrator hoped to avoid. In those last moments cello once more draws out the weight of the emotion. Then the song ends.


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