toe: A Desert of Human

So this one is a little rough. There was some pausing and rewinding again, but much less than with the last few.

With this one I mostly wanted to focus on describing the song. I wasn’t able to stick to that, however. I think that if I had included the preceding song from the album “A Desert of Human” is from I would’ve been able to include description of the song, and imagery and tone in roughly equal amounts.

toe’s “A Desert of Human” is from Hear You.

I hope you enjoy.

Percussion and guitar come in quickly. Percussion is steady, full and yet spaced, and driving. Guitar seems to oscillate and keep its notes small, thin and also spaced. Bass appears and accentuates. It too takes on space and plays only as much as necessary. The song is gentle, yet firm and steady.

A change and the song becomes a little less busy. Seemingly a questioning from the guitar as it plays specific notes in its minimised state. The bass returns for a short period. Something shimmers in the background. The percussion and bass drop out for a moment, then the oscillation returns and joins what the guitar is currently doing.

The percussion and bass return and the questioning continues. Perhaps there is an uncertainty here. It is a melody much like how the song started, but it is a counterpoint at the same time.

For a moment the percussion is all there is and it seems like it is building to explode into something, but instead of doing so it pulls back and a return to the opening pattern is found. At first the song is much as it was earlier and the base of it remains as such. More guitar comes back in and plays something floating and seemingly relaxed. Soon another guitar plays something more flickering and energised.

Once more the instruments drop out, leaving that last guitar to play out the song as it ends.

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