Rambling About Science

Well, it’s as cold day once again, but today I’m not really going to write about that. At the very least I’m going to try and keep it out of my writing here as much as possible, but only for now. Right now I’m rather agitated and so I don’t want to think too much about the cold, but at the same time it might just be important to this bit of writing. Who knows. Maybe nothing about this bit of writing will indicate any sort of importance, but I’m waffling on a bit and was looking to try and focus on the subject of which I want to discuss.

Science: It is a thing. It is a thing that is a far greater part of people’s lives than they may realise. It informs many things through its process of research in order to learn, though of course learning is not the sole reason as to why research is undertaken.

I can’t speak for all fields of science, or even some fields of science. There are only a select few of which I can speak, and only one general field I feel confident in speaking for, but I am going to speak anyway.

Being a scientist and doing research is awesome. Sure, there’s a lot of dry stuff that might not seem fun, but it’s still awesome. Being an active part of helping understand the world better is amazing  and humbling. You’re actually engaging in helping grow the collective knowledge of humanity through engaging in something that helps show just how little we know, even if we do know a lot. It’s just wonderful.

Being a scientist is also a stressful, and sometimes harmful thing. Of course we can talk about the impacts of science on the environment, but here I am referring specifically to the scientists themselves. There is so much shit you cop for providing information and trying to get it out there. You have to deal with antagonism and hostility due to people refusing to engage in a healthy way. It’s an idealised thing, but it certainly isn’t a glamorous thing. The public can be your ally just as much as they can be your enemy.

I think I’ve harped on about this before, but the thing is people seem to be fine with science until they find it an inconvenience. Not all people of course, but plenty. Some people react with exceptional hostility toward scientists of certain fields and I can’t be entirely certain as to why, but if I were to hazard a guess, it would be that they don’t like the idea of change. They might also not like the idea of being slightly inconvenienced. Maybe they don’t want to accept that there’s a problem and many of us bear responsibility.

I’m writing this as, whilst I sit here I can’t help but feel frustrated by how much some fields of science can feel like screaming into a void that occasionally retaliates. If the results of science become inconvenient for some reason, then learn from those results and try to better yourself, those around you and the environment. Don’t push it aside because of the potential inconvenience. There are far worse things out there than being better.

End rant.


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