Nobuo Uematsu: Land of Dwarves

This was written over three listens.

This was easy to write and I don’t know why, but at least that’s something.

Just mostly looked to describe the song itself and I think I did that.

Nobuo Uematsu’s (植松 伸夫) “Land of Dwarves” (“ドワーフの大地”) is from Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version, the soundtrack for Final Fantasy IV.

I hope you enjoy.

A whimsical step and skip in the strings, then the other instruments come in. A familiar tune finds itself floating through a cavernous space, though different in some manner. Woodwind brings it forth into unfamiliar territory and so the melody seems more of a reflection than it does its own thing… at first.

The percussion strikes carefully and clearly as bass starts and stops. The strings rise and the woodwind seems to sink. Then the unfamiliar comes in and slowly, yet surely it seems as though the instruments descend. Strings still float on and are more prone to rising, though they sound as much a part of the motion that the music is commanding.

All the instruments continue on their path in the low space, creating something playful in feel and tone until they fade out at the song’s end.


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