Mineral: Unfinished

I’ve been meaning to write about “Unfinished” for a few days now but haven’t gotten around to doing so due to procrastination.

I stuck to trying to describe the song and its progression. Kind of did so. Probably could’ve done better, but I did this over one listen, which doesn’t mean I couldn’t have done better.

Mineral’s “Unfinished” is from EndSerenading.

I hope you enjoy.

Gentle guitar moves with a tenderness that seems to imply some sort of bittersweet sensation. Slow, ringing, then it shifts, adding more notes whilst another guitar joins. There is movement; there is a sense of prettiness.

For a brief period a singular guitar rings out simply, only for the other to return and guide into a new frame. Bass plays simple, as does percussion. Guitar rings out and there’s a sense of driving.

Guitar builds up a bit and suddenly there’s a bit more of a jaggedness in the song’s structure. Vocals come in, drawing out words; instruments are livelier. There’s an expansiveness, a dryness. Rather open. A greater intensity. However, this lasts only as long as necessary and then a new section appears.

The instruments pull back and there’s more gentleness once more. The energy hasn’t quite been abandoned but reshaped as more of the mood builds in potency.

Words return and the song releases and it all hits. The guitar doesn’t quite rage, and yet it does. Percussion plays loud and hard, and bass keeps on driving forward. The vocals call out in a climactic thrust, pushing the emotion forward and letting it out. However, before the song truly gets far too massive, everything pulls back and the song returns to that gentle guitar, playing out its last few notes as the song ends.

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