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Eye Ball

This was done some time within the last few hours. It took a fair bit more effort than I thought it would and I can’t say for certain that it was worth it, but it was fun to work on. … Continue reading

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Napalm Death: Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism

I started this last year. I had an idea that involved explaining how Napalm Death approach their music as an artistic, conceptual endeavour and was going to use past approaches to performance and songwriting as examples. I was also going … Continue reading

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ACE+: Mechonis Field

Alright, so with this one I was looking to just describe what I could and see where it went. It took two listens and didn’t produce anything I’m neither content nor discontent with. ACE+’s “Mechonis Field” (“機神界フィールド”) is from Xenoblade … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 998: Time to get Busy

Been up for a while and been doing very little. It’s time to get busy and get the things done. It is time to write this, then the next thing. There are things that need to see completion today and … Continue reading

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