ACE+: Mechonis Field

Alright, so with this one I was looking to just describe what I could and see where it went.
It took two listens and didn’t produce anything I’m neither content nor discontent with.

ACE+’s “Mechonis Field” (“機神界フィールド”) is from Xenoblade Chronicles Special Soundtrack and Xenoblade Original Soundtrack, both soundtracks for Xenoblade Chronicles. The former is a selection of tracks released outside of Japan, whereas the latter is the entire soundtrack. The song’s appearance on the latter is in an extended form where part of it loops.

I hope you enjoy.

A mechanical drone comes forward, then fades away. Replaced it is with what sounds like some sort of percussive sparkling. A deep sense of space forms as sounds in the background create shape. Suddenly something rises forward and an arpeggiating appears. Gradually structure appears as the sounds move forward. Tone and texture come forth, then another sound rises and once more the music shifts.

Metallic, electronic sounds come forward in an emotive sway, moving smoothly and flowing with a sense of grandeur. Something cascades down and all seems to grow out and upward with a grace and beauty. There is an eeriness present in the electronic sounds, and yet it feels all natural and highly fitting.

Once more the music shifts and sounds form and fade over a slow, steady beat and slow, firm bass. The cascading returns, but it is of a different form and the music takes on a more serious, dramatic and pressing nature. The beat drops away, the sounds pull back, then the beat returns just before the song ends.

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