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Lights in a Car Park

Another photo of a car park, but this time at night. This one has a dingy feel to it, I think. I imagine it would look different during the day, but here it doesn’t look like the kind of place … Continue reading

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A Poem About Lines

A short one and a bit of a mess. I wrote this really quickly, kind of as a need to decompress a bit after working on the images from the last thing I shared. Still, I think this gets some … Continue reading

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Hue Man

This was started on Wednesday and finished today. When I thought I’d finished the lines and started filling in the colours for the fuller variants I discovered I’d made an error and had to redo every line of colour. I … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 995: Climbing Trees

More writing and once again I have little to go off. It is one of those days, but I guess I should be glad that it is and not one of the other days where I struggle more. Maybe I … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 133: No Plans Once More

Once more I go in with no plans and once more I hope for the best. There will be no derailing this morning, however; there are things of which are things and there are things of which are not things … Continue reading

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