Motoi Sakuraba: We Form in Crystals

I’ve wanted to write about this one for a while, but  kept on forgetting about it.

It’s an interesting song. Very straightforward in ways, but also carries an air of mystery, so to speak.

This was written over one listen. I just went with whatever came to mind which led to this being looser than most of the writings on other songs I’ve done. Oh well.

Motoi Sakuraba’s (桜庭 統) “We Form in Crystals” is from Star Ocean: The Second Story Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Star Ocean The Second Story.

I hope you enjoy.

Fading in with sound seemingly urging. Perhaps pleading. Soon bass comes in, tender, gentle, almost fragile. Among the sound strings draw out, increasing tension and drama. Percussion remains sparse, though no less present.

A slight shift and the strings start guiding the melody. Bass follows. Eventually vocals come in as the melody shifts once more. The song continues its motion and movement, almost dancing but not quite. Hovering. The melody remains calm and gentle, and perhaps welcoming, but it also keeps that tension and drama going.

As the instruments seem as though they are going to release into one moment, much pulls back and what remains reinforces the main patterns. Something akin to a violin comes in and flutters, rises and falls, speeds and slows. It seems to be looking for something, though it follows the eerie space that the song now inhibits. Almost otherworldly.

The song steps back a little more, percussion changes shape. The memory of a familiar sound comes in. Muted, muffled, but still distinct as something from before. The violin continues its search and movement. Percussion picks up back to what it was before and the instruments seem to be building once more. However, it does not last. The music seems to pull back more, winding down. A different memory comes in, forming a rhythmic repetition, but gradually all fades out as the song ends.

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