Yasunori Mitsuda: Reincarnation

Three listens for this one.

Once more I just went with whatever, but I struggled on a few parts and had to think about what it was that I was saying.

Yasunori Mitsuda’s (光田 康典) “Reincarnation” is from Sailing To The World, an album comprised of songs that he composed for The Seventh Seal: Resurrection of the Dark Lord.

I hope you enjoy.

Some quiet, low synth stretches out, but very soon percussion and guitar comes in. Piano keys play gently, emphasising the melody. Vocals come in, strong in their movement and expression. Soon bass becomes apparent and all seems to be moving toward something.

A bittersweet moment finds itself in the music. There’s almost a sense of reflection, though maybe it’s more some sort of hesitancy. It does not last long, however, and the main melody returns. Almost an awakening on an open plain, or vast ocean. Woodwind ushers in a hint of mystery and adventure before the vocals return, this time joined by violin. Piano becomes a bit more apparent and slowly, yet surely the music’s sway increases.

That bittersweet moment returns, though now it seems less so. With the violin and increased percussion it now seems more certain. It seems ready to step out.

Suddenly the music explodes and becomes celebratory and massive, though without becoming overly dramatic. The percussion holds a steady beat, guitar rings onward in a joyous manner, and the instruments play on with a greater liveliness.

The celebration continues, even as the bittersweet moment returns once more. Almost as though tears are being shed, though they are more of relief, of overwhelming joy. The music is stripped back, but it is certain of itself. It is conclusive in these moments and remains as such and finds an affirmative note as it ends.


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