Duster: Get the Dutch

This one was one listen which is something I’m glad for as I find it better to do these things in as few listens as possible. Less chance of overthinking which is that part of the aim of this exercise.

I think I started focusing on what was happening in the song and I kind of mixed a little bit of imagery and emotive content in. I think if I sat down and listened to “Get the Dutch” for a while and wrote something out based on what I’ve written here, I’d have something mostly well-written. Maybe I’ll come back to this one day.

Duster’s “Get the Dutch” is from Contemporary Movement.

I hope you enjoy.

Sounds echo on out into a stillness. A sense of bleakness pervades the sounds which is exacerbated by the sudden appearance of a shortly-ringing guitar and weighted percussion. It all hits and gels with a dryness and sense of sparseness, even though the sound is full.

Something in the background stretches out and underscores the sounds as they move together, continuing their lurch forward, though not for long. It is almost as though the sound is a vague object passed by during a drive in the dark.

For a brief moment the guitar pulls back and the song feels even more bare. Soon after it returns the instrumentation fills out more and low, quiet vocals spill forth lyrics drawn out in a seemingly-languid fashion. The percussion rolls and fuzzes, and the guitar drives more so. On the last words, however, it pulls back and almost naked guitar rings out as it fades out of view at the song’s end.

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