One Thousand Word Challenge 173: Tackling Sunday

It’s just one of those days.

When I say this, I am referring to this day being Sunday, and it is one of those Sundays that happens to exist in a space that I can perceive, and by “space” I mean within a structure that I understand, so therefore it is one of those Sundays that exists, therefore making it a Sunday that I recognise.

Now I’m not sure as to where I’m going with this, although that is not different from the norm, and I’m not sure as to where I will go from here, but as I understand it I have a to to tackle from here and so therefore there will be a lot of tackling.

I will not tackle the day as there is no way for me to get my arms around its existence. The first issue is that I don’t have the ability to alter reality and existence nearly enough to be able to tackle a day, and secondly, it is far too big for me to get my relatively small arms around such a thing. With this being said, there will be tackling and it will be of the metaphorical type, as that is much easier to do than any other form of tackling that may or may not exist when it comes to attempts to tackle a thing that cannot be tackled.

So I think I’ve established what it is that I will be covering in this space on this particular morning. Bear in mind that there is more to come after this bit of writing. However, what I have not covered is how I will go about covering the thing.

You see, the way that I’m going to cover whatever it is that I am covering (yet to truly be determined) is with words. I’m going to use words – some of which I use far, far too much – in an order that might puzzle and perplex, but not due to any trickery, but rather due to my improper use of them. This is something that I’m rather good at doing on the odd occasion, so therefore it is going to happen again here and as it happens you will be able to bear witness to it happening after it has happened. I am experiencing it in active time and then it will be done, but then you will also experience it in active time, though not at the same time as I have, so therefore there will be more than one experience had, but both experienced in the same way, but at different times and in different places. Therefore something profound here.

I think of how warm it is going to get today and I’d much rather it did not, for I do not like it being too warm as it is uncomfortable and so on and so forth, but as I think about what it is that I want to write I also think about how I should go about writing whatever it is that I want to write using words in a way that betrays their intent, but I’ve got nothing at the moment.

Somtimes it is fine to having nothing, but you need to do something with it. You need to find a way to do something with the nothing that you have, because if you don’t, then who knows what will happen, unless you do know as to what it is that will happen, in which case, awesome. However, that is not what I’m trying to cover here. What I am trying to cover is how this day is Sunday, much like the other Sundays but it is better and worse at the same time.

So this day is Sunday and it is the day where I go on tangents, which makes it more like the other days than I’d normally care to admit. However, today I will admit that today is much like any other day, though it does certainly have a sense of being more relaxed than usual, and perhaps that is a good thing, but perhaps it is also a bad thing as it may mean that I am unaware of things and being unaware of things may not be a good thing; especially if you’re looking to be aware and alert so you can tackle things as they come. Rather tackle as they come than not, though maybe I would rather not as tackling can take a lot of time and energy and there is only so much energy one can muster for certain tasks, so therefore I’ve already overthought this and should move on toward whatever else it is that I can discuss about the day that is today that just so happens to be Sunday.

I think that a lot of people will be spending today relaxing. However, I myself will be working and in that working I will hear about customer service staff being treated like shit, so really, today is much like any other day of the week. It doesn’t mean it needs to be though. What really needs to happen is people need to treat the staff better as the staff are doing what they can to help and if you’re just going to yell at someone because you can’t be patient and wait for something, or wait for a solution, then maybe, just maybe, you should stop using the services that are offered to you. Customer service is not an easy job and staff don’t need people who think they are the most important thing int he world making things more difficult.

However, I digress. No one wants to talk about how often customer service staff take abuse (or staff in many other industries for that matter) as that would mean we have to consider other people. It’s also not good talk for a Sunday, or so I am told.

As such, let us all go out and enjoy our Sunday and pretend shitty behaviour doesn’t exist.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 11:48:04

I feel that I was getting toward something at the end and perhaps I should redo this whole it of writing, but instead I won’t as it’s in the spirit of this blog.

Written at home.

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