Mitsuto Suzuki: The Divine Dream

One listen for this, but there was a restart as I paused the song in order to get distracted.

Just more writing about what was happening and I think it kind of worked out. Not great, not bad; somewhere in the middle.

Mitsuto Suzuki’s (鈴木 光人) The Divine Dream (“神の視た夢”) is from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII‘s soundtrack, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy.

Vocals fade into view and disappear quickly as other sounds move slowly and smoothly, almost as though they are unending. A low rumble, then keys scatter about whilst vocals appear and disappear once more. There is an otherworldliness filled with space and it is almost as though the space is rippling when sounds create a disturbance.

More keys appear, low, disjointed, and soon they are replaced by something akin to an idea of static. Vocals appear, as do more keys, though this time shimmering rather than scattering.

More sounds fade in and out when suddenly something massive stirs, almost having its entrance heralded. Suddenly it rumbles and shudders, keys race and a firm statement is made just before the song ends.

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