King Crimson: Waiting Man

One listen for this one.

I’m pretty sure I was looking to just describe the song which is what happened. However, I don’t think that quite worked out, which in a way sort of represents the song well enough, but perhaps not good enough.

King Crimson’s “Waiting Man” is from Beat.

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar flickers rapidly. Soon percussive sounds join in, as does extra guitar. Vocal lines stretch out, seeming to rush on past. What sounds like a chapman stick comes in and adds to the melody, weaving in and out and seemingly floating in parts.

The melodies shift, the vocals seem to rise and all inhabit this new space until there is a sudden shift. The percussion gains focus and shifts into something new. The guitar returns and plays cleanly and seemingly rapidly. The stick continues to inhabit a space for groove.

Soon another shift and all sounds seem to anchor themselves a bit more. Guitar plays something akin to a solo, but it seems more journeying and frayed, though also with a sense of calmness.

The original melodies return and the vocals continue in harmony. The beat plays steady and strong, but this does not last long and soon the percussion signals out a stop and the song ends.

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2 Responses to King Crimson: Waiting Man

  1. spanishwoods says:

    Haven’t heard King Crimson since my art school days 30 years ago. Thank you for this.

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    • I go through phases with them where I listen to them heavily, then don’t for a while. More a fan of ‘Discipline’ than their other albums, but they’ve a bit to enjoy on all their releases, I think.

      And no worries.

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