Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1083: Listening to Some Music

Once more I’ve waited too late into the evening and now I need to do the revving of the up in order to get the words down and in an order that expresses what it is that I need to express.

I’m listening to some music and this music is somewhat bittersweet in that there isn’t going to be any more of this particular music due to the artist behind it passing. Still, there is this and in having this there is something to be happy about as it’s music done well.

Sometimes things just pass on by and drift along the shoreline and follow it until the waves can move them elsewhere, and that’s it. That’s that. You saw them for a brief time and now they’re gone. They’ve gone elsewhere and they’ll do whatever it is that they’ll do elsewhere, if there is indeed anything else to do.

I’m screwing up the metaphor so I’ll move on.

Anyway, this is good music and it will remain good music; I have confidence in that. However, I don’t feel enough people will hear it and so maybe I’ll write about it one day. However, before I do that, I need to digest it and work it all out. I need to find its intricacies and explore it and let it guide me on a journey to something within it. I want to know it and I want to understand it in whichever way I can, and that might take time. Many things take time. Trying to understand something is not always quick and now I’m rambling far more than I would have liked to have done so, so I’m going to try and stop.

There’s a certain sadness to the music, but it’s a sadness that I’m placing on the music rather than something coming from the music itself. It makes it more difficult to analyse, I think, as I’m already imprinting something on it that isn’t there.

Some of the songs are serious, though I imagine that a lot of them are serious and it isn’t actually just some. I imagine that there;s a lot of meaning and metaphor in the music that I need to be aware of and I’m sure I will be as I go through the songs and try and understand them better. However, that will all come later and for now I enjoy them on a surface level.

Eventually the songs will touch me in a way that I had not expected, though perhaps I had expected and was just deluding myself about the whole thing. Regardless, it is good music and I imagine it will stand the test of time. However, it will need more people to hear it so that they too can appreciate the sounds and the words and how they come together in a way that feels natural.

It’s wonderful stuff and it’s something I get to hear at this moment, and it will reach my ears again, I hope.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:36:79

This is one of the more coherent things I’ve written in a while.
I feel I need to get back on track.

Written at home.

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