Envy: A Breath Clad in Happiness

One listen but a couple of restarts.

I think I was looking to describe the song and leave it at that and I’m not quite sure as to what happened.

This one I did as, to me, it seems like it’s related to the previous song I wrote about. To me it seemed odd to do the previous one and not do this one.

Envy’s “A Breath Clad in Happiness” is from Recitation.

I hope you enjoy.

A cacophony seems to fade in before a sudden pause. Quite shortly after percussion, bass and guitar come in. There is space with the bass and guitar whilst percussion stays busy. There is an urgency that comes forward.

Eventually it seems that things will loosen a little before another pause. Guitar lets a note out and everything resumes. Vocals lay over the instruments and more rhythm comes forward. The guitar plays with more melody and all seems to be moving into less space.

Soon the sounds change and become livelier and larger. Melancholy comes forward but there is release as the sounds rise upward. With energy all keep on moving toward something. The vocals scream out with a raggedness. Before that something is reached the instruments pull back and play with urgency once more. Space is there, some is filled. Seemingly befallen, the instruments continue forward.

The vocals switch back to spoken and all continues onward. Then once more release is found. Hurtling toward something, looking for a point to reach. There is a sadness, but there is a sense of acceptance, for there is a freeing feeling. There is a beauty in the loudness, and it is calming, and it all fades out as the song ends.

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