One Thousand Word Challenge 177: Rambling About Photography

It has been a day. It has been a day and now I am here and I’m going to try and mash this out as quickly as possible. I don’t know as to why I keep on trying to do this, but I feel a desire to do the thing and so I’m doing the thing.

Sometimes a relaxed time is a good time and sometimes it is a bad time. In this particular instance it is an alright time. There isn’t much happening, but I’m feeling relaxed and I’m feeling at ease. Maybe the stress will hit later; it is difficult to tell at this particular juncture and I probably don’t care as much as I should. I don’t know.

The sky is clear and in that clarity there is something else to see; a lot of blue. That’s not what I want to see, however. I want to see more clouds as I want to photograph clouds at the moment. I don’t know why but I feel compelled to. I feel compelled to and I feel a desire to enjoy the music that I’m listening to at the present moment. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do want to and so in that want I shall… enjoy the music and keep on hoping some clouds drift on over.

I think that photography is a great thing to participate in, but I guess that’s pretty obvious. However, I still feel that sometimes it is something that needs to be stated. It’s a form of creation and it’s always good to create. I think, even if it is something that you think you are not good at doing (or “know), it’s still something that should be done. It helps train up certain skills and ways of going about things, and it’s also a way to extend oneself often in a way that is positive, though of course sometimes the extension is of external rather than internal factors, but that’s not something I want to get into at the present moment. I just want to write about doing things and getting a sense of the process through doing said things.

Photography is great. You can take a camera to so many places without issue and you can think about how to frame things and what ways you can improve on scenes you’ve shot before. You can think about form and function and, more importantly, you think about light and how it falls upon things. You think about how you can work with that light to show things that may or may not be interesting. Sometimes you paint something fascinating; sometimes you paint something mundane, but you end up capturing something if you make use of photography as a form of creation.

Sometimes you have to be patient, but that of course only invites the option of taking a book with or, or perhaps something else that may help pass the time, though of course this is dependent on how focused you  have to be on the capturing of whatever it is that you are trying to capture. Maybe you won’t have the option and you’ll need to spend a lot of time focusing so as to make sure you won’t miss your chance. Maybe you’ll be doing long exposures and so having something else with you becomes more suitable.

Maybe you’ll be shooting an event and so there becomes no room to do anything other than shoot, depending on the event of course.

Maybe you’re just out having fun and you’re just doing photography because you enjoy engaging in the process of photography.

I’ve been doing photography for a long time, but it didn’t really kick off until I had a proper camera. I think at this stage it has been somewhere around twenty-one years since I started, and it has been around eleven years since I bought my first proper camera. From there I became quite active in what I was photographing. However, it wasn’t until Japan until I started really pushing outward.

When I went to Japan almost seven years ago I took a lot of photos. I did a lot of wandering and so it was easy for me to go a bit overboard. When I came back I noticed that I had taken a larger amount of photos I thought were good than I’d normally would. From there I started pushing myself a bit more. I was growing before then and feeling my way around things, but from there the idea of pursuing photography in a more professional capacity became something that was more than just an idea I had. However, I still didn’t actively pursue such a thing until soon before getting a better camera which was around four years ago now.

I’m still not quite professional, but I’m getting there. That said, whilst being in a position where photography was generating a regular and semi-stable income is a main goal, it’s not necessarily the main reason as to why I do photography.

Much like music, writing and drawing, I do photography as I love photography. I love the process and I appreciate how it makes me think about and interact with that which is around me. It develops skills and challenges me to work toward being better in a few different ways, and it’s something from which I keep on learning.

There are times when I’ve thought I’ve taken the best photo I’ll ever take. A few years later I’ll see that photo again and realise that I’ve gotten much better. I still like the photos I took in Japan,but I can see how I could improve on them, or at least look at those things I photographed in a different way and see how that changes things. It’s appreciable to know that there still is a long way to go, and hopefully it remains that way. I don’t know if I’d ever become a master because there’s just so much to learn about and absorb.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 15:53:37

Initially I was trying to get this out as quickly as possible. When I started writing about photography I slowed down and I feel that that was a massive benefit to the text as a whole.

This isn’t a good bit of writing by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel it gets something across a lot more effectively than my usual attempts.

Written at home.

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