Joe Hisaishi: Wave Cruising

This was over two listens.
Had some difficulty getting going at the start and the song seemed to keep getting ahead of me which probably means I should’ve kept my sentences brief. I’m okay with the result but I feel this is one where shorter would’ve been much better.

I tried to capture the song’s progressing and I think I got some of it here. Doesn’t say much but I guess it would make sense if listening to the song.

Joe Hisaishi’s (久石譲) “Wave Cruising” is from the soundtrack for A Scene at the Sea (あの夏、いちばん静かな海).

I hope you enjoy.

A beat strikes out rapidly and steadily whilst descending. Soon something akin to bass joins in and thumps away before taking off. Keys and something akin to strings seem to frame and mark points of some sort of intensity but it quickly peels away and soon all is gliding over the waves. It is fast and energetic and almost freeing in a sense.

Sound seems to move through the rhythm and melody on its lonesome with a sense of weight but also with a sense of the cool. However, it soon disappears and something more playful comes in, fluttering in bits. It too seems on its own but it continues a changing thread of feeling.

A quick snare hit and suddenly the beat changes slight shape whilst other sounds trail off part, but it is brief and soon the familiar returns. That original sound carrying the sense of cool returns and meets piano, finding some sort of contrast and harmony.

The beat finds itself alone for a moment. There is space and there is some sort of tension. A few strikes on keys, however and soon it all picks back up. That cool continues on and it feels welcoming and comforting, much like a breeze and it continues on dancing with piano. There is some confidence and determination and all keep on racing onward toward a sudden stop at the song’s end.

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