Soil & “Pimp” Sessions: Valley of The Light

I wanted to do another of these today as I felt like writing but wanted to stick to music.
I stuck to describing the song and that may be due to being tired. That aside, I think I did alright here. A bit rough but also covers the song well enough.

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions’ “Valley of The Light” is from Lost in Tokyo.

I hope you enjoy.

Piano rolls and almost hurtles forward. Soon percussion comes in and rolls along and energy and momentum is maintained. Brass herald and call over, slow and gliding but keeping up. All lift up, the percussion pulls back a little and the sounds play around each other and push onward.

The sounds return to the opening almost, though now brass takes a different approach. Now it is calling and allowing space. It seems to move in precise strikes and rises and crests and dives and lifts the energy.

When the brass stops the sounds slow down. Percussion and piano starts dancing and changing shape whilst bass also gets down and dirty. There is a sense of shifting and form is almost fluid, though a sense of rhythm and control remain and it continues on until it seems the sounds crash into each other.

The piano returns to its rolling and so the sounds once more follow suit, though there is a little more thrust and vigour. Once more the brass calls out and glides along. Toward some point the sounds continue moving toward and once more they rise. They are focused and they are continuing on unabated. A sense of joy comes through and soon the brass reaches upward. A brief flurry and suddenly the song ends.

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1 Response to Soil & “Pimp” Sessions: Valley of The Light

  1. Nicolas Owenson says:

    I’m not a music expert but this is very well put


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