Margins: Transmission Blue

Two listens for this one as I wasn’t able to keep up and I think it paid off. I was able to get a fair bit more written and although what I wrote is a bit of a mess, I think I got a few things across that represent the song reasonably well.

I was hoping to get across imagery more than vague description of mood but I tried not to force anything as that’s when I stumble the most. That said, there were some times when I got stuck as I was thinking too much about what words would best be used to describe what I was hearing.

Margins’ “Transmission Blue” is from Divide.

I hope you enjoy.

A low strum as percussion rolls and flicks. Thick is the atmosphere and heavy is the sound. Guitar plays out a pattern that presents a tension whilst a second one occasionally breaks a silence it finds itself within. Something is stirring and it is difficult to tell what form it will take, or if it will take on a form at all.

Soon a light pattern leads to all instruments finding themselves all aligned as they look for a solution, or perhaps an acceptance before space returns once more. The presented tension returns before percussion comes in with greater detail. Around them rhythmic strikes play out, soft and unfurling into themselves whilst retaining a hardness. Another presents a low pressing that cuts and buzzes along with the main rhythm.

That alignment returns once more, fuller and with greater push and and lift before once more pulling away. A return to heavy atmosphere as sounds move in and out and seem to keep a deep night pressing upon urgency, or perhaps inevitability. Sounds come as whips as they seemingly twist and contort. The mood presses further and keeps on pressing; the tension remains high.

Before it can overwhelm one last time the sounds align; they swing and look to reach farther in their fuller state, but once more it is brief and this time it seems as though things dissipate. Slowly sounds play and it’s not sure if this is an ending or just a moment of breaking, but there is resilience. Space rains through as a sense of fragility crawls on in. Weight remains but there is a sense of knowing that it was all worth it but it does not stop until it is ready to and it keeps on going. Maybe it is lying there; maybe it is walking away, but the weight is bearable and it is not so felt anymore, and the scene lingers on those final notes as the song ends.

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  1. I love the way you describe music and the experience of it.

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