Gecko&Tokage Parade: clockwork

Two listens for this one.
The first was most of the writing and the second I thought I’d write more but did very little instead.

Overall this isn’t great. I think I relied on trying to describe what was going on and instead I should’ve gone for something a bit more about imagery. That said, I feel like I captured some of the song well.

Gecko&Tokage Parade’s “clockwork” is from Next Border.

I hope you enjoy.

A sudden start with guitar, synth and rolling bass and percussion. Another strum as the synth gradually moves up and down. Soon all lock in and it’s a soft, energetic groove that they follow.

A brief break and the synth touches lightly and seems to drift purposefully whilst the guitar picks out specific points as it sits with the bass and percussion. It seems to all float on and almost carries a sense of the dreamy. There certainly is a gentleness but passion comes through and motion is enthusiastic.

Suddenly the sounds shift. The guitar becomes a little more prominent as it locks in with the bass and the synth slowly rises once more. The percussion carries a sense of tension and build and soon it all releases whilst retaining its gentleness. The dream continues and the dance goes on and in this moment there seems to be a smile of sorts; maybe a passing memory, or a long-awaited meeting.

Once more the song returns to its main passage and it seems livelier, as though the giving of the all is culminating at this point. It is here where the drift and the dreaminess concludes and it finds its final note letting a memory of something earlier linger as the song ends.

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