Sun Kin: Here we go Down

Two listens for this one.
I slowed down a bit toward the end of the first so I thought that going for a second listen would be beneficial and it kind of was. I added a bit more, but not much.

I think I captured an idea of this song, but I feel that what I captured may be a bit removed from what the song is about.

Sun Kin’s “Here we go Down” is from Painting Whales, part 1.

I hope you enjoy.

Calm spreads and soon dips to meet something lower. Keys soon appear from that depth and rise up, as does that lowness. The melancholy moves back, moves down, the lowness spreads out further and the keys find something they lock into. A tender beauty, and a beautiful sadness reveals itself in the implied minimalism as slowly fragile images reveal themselves as though memories returning.

Other sounds find their way in and they are faint, soft and gentle. Something seems to shimmer and shine far above but it is vague and so it is hard to work out what it is. The sounds underscore and widen, and seem to flow closely to what is already formed. More thoughts turn inward as all travels along slowly and with a sense of grace, and the weight remains but it does not press down.

Perhaps in all the majesty there is something that connects, that reaches out and touches and it is almost overwhelming and it continues on as sound fades, leaving the lowness to linger before it too fades away at the song’s end.

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