Susumu Yokota: Azukiiro No Kaori

This was written over two listens.

I queued this up tow rite about a while ago and didn’t get around to doing so until now. I planned to last night but something else took precedence and so I didn’t. I don’t know if the wait had any impact, but I like the result here. I feel it would’ve been better to try and interweave the song’s sense of smallness, as well as its sense of isolation, but I think that overall I described the song well enough.

Susumu Yokota’s “Azukiiro No Kaori” is from Sakura.

I hope you enjoy.

Beeping and stretching, and soon something else hums into existence. It strikes, stretches, then flickers and as the beeping continues as though a steady anchor. They rise in their prominence and soon find themselves joined by voices of a a crowd, perhaps joyous whilst also unaware of itself.

The voices seem almost disconnected and cutting into existence and harmonies with a prettiness whilst the beeping and strike continue with their pattern, though eventually the beeping stops. Its exit is not noticed and its disappearance eventually is.

For a brief moment another beeping comes in with urgency, though it does not last long and soon disappears. Perhaps it is the first one announcing its departure; perhaps it is one that was meant to join earlier but had to leave at this point and so rushes past.

A tapestry of stillness is weaved through the sounds’ motions as they orbit each other. Their motions are smooth and peaceful, and they look inward whilst avoid pressing.

Eventually the voices fade, leaving the strike to continue on for a few moments before finding a place to stop as the song ends.

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