The Stranger: The Wind Is Blowing Cold Across The Moor

One listen for this one.

I think I was just looking to describe the song here. Didn’t say much.

The Stranger’s “The Wind Is Blowing Cold Across The Moor” is from The Stranger.

I hope you enjoy.

Dry and hollow droning seems to gradually rise, then pause and start again. Something else finds itself in the movement and it seems more mechanical, though perhaps that is an illusion.

During the next pause a brief hum and the sounds rise again, and something appears among the noise. It is some sort of imagery but it is difficult to work out what it is, or if it is anything at all.

Eventually a low rumbling appears. It is masked but it is there. It too is not the clearest and perhaps that suggests some sort of apprehension to the unknown. It likely is nothing other than the shape of land, but not knowing can often lead to hesitation.

For a moment the sounds lower and a bit more is revealed, and it remains a low rumbling, though in a much smoother form. Noise floats around as the rumbling takes a central focus, and the rumbling grows louder, or at least more prominent. It hums out an eeriness as the noise seemingly picks up.

Something that sounds like the remnant of a voice becomes part of the noise and sound twists and becomes harsh, and the rumbling continues, and all is of a calm harshness.

Eventually all lower a little and suddenly the song ends.


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