Principles of Geometry: Zero in the Zenith

I feel I was kind of able to immerse myself in the sounds as I wrote this. I didn’t quite go into the moment but I was almost there.

The song is pretty interesting as it feels minimal, but it’s not… I think. Anyway, this feels more inspired by than it does representative of the song. If you listened to it whilst reading the below you’d probably find it fitting. Maybe not.

Principles of Geometry’s “Zero in the Zenith” is from Burn the Land & Boil the Oceans.

I hope you enjoy.

Sound grows and spread and rises. A calm warmth seems to wash over gently and from it layers of hum rise. Seemingly a dance of precise, muffled sound and all is at ease. All is celebratory, but all is at ease.

A few brief flashes here and there marking out and guiding melody and the motion comes through in pauses. Underneath change comes through the stillness as layers don’t compress upon each other.

The drama is there but it is not verbose. The sounds seem more wanting to not lash and strike, and are happy to keep things low and so they do, even as they fade out as the song ends.

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