Gecko&Tokage Parade: Ace

This was written over one listen but I had a few early restarts just to try and get a proper grip on what I was hearing. It’s not the most complex of stuff; at least it doesn’t sound complex but I think in the first few seconds the song was getting away from me a little too quickly.

Once past those restarts I tried to keep up he best I could. I was thinking too much about what I was writing which was okay here, but I think this would’ve been better had I focused on imagery more than describing what was going on.

Gecko&Tokage Parade’s “Ace” is from Heart of Tokage.

I hope you enjoy.

Sounds launch in with a staccato of sorts before they move into a deft flow. There’s brief pauses but the sounds seem to keep on flowing. Drama comes forward but so does a coolness; an edge in smoothness.

Suddenly it’s just the guitar for a very brief moment. Then everything launches into full form here as though released and the sounds just rush for another brief moment before that staccato again. Then they swing back low into that edge in smoothness. Perhaps it’s a question of sorts, or just a lowness before reaching back out.

The guitar plays out and frays open to quiet, and now the piano plays with a sense of speed  on its own. Percussion comes in keeping the beat pushing whilst the piano grows in its richness. Bass comes in and now the three thrash on before the guitar returns and they play out the final moments. The sounds strike and carry themselves into a moment that’s perhaps meant to be representing something amazing.

All staccato as though making a point, then thrash on out for one last moment before ensuring a full stop at the song’s end.

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