Nubya Garcia: Boundless Beings

Bit of a mess this writing is. Could be much better. I think I was too concerned with keeping up and missing something when I should’ve just done what I could without that concern. Could’ve split the writing over two, maybe three listens and gotten something more descriptive. That said, the writing is honest. It’s not good, but it’s honest.

Nubya Garcia’s “Boundless Beings” is from SOURCE. It features Akenya on vocals.

I hope you enjoy.

Bass and vocals move with each other. They smooth with a slight stagger, or maybe it’s just with a very specifically angled motion. Percussion comes in and gives the motion something to anchor itself around, and soon keys and saxophone also come in.

There’s a sense of quiet as the keys seem to pour on out in the background whilst saxophone moves forward and moves with the bass whilst adding its own steps.

Vocals in the background stay at a distance whilst percussion stays low, and the room seems large and, sans the sounds, empty. The main vocals return once more and sound pulls back and it’s just the voice and the keys and the keys keep their pouring out, though reveal themselves as poured with precision. Then the vocals pull away and the bass moves on its own before the vocals return once more, just at the end to hum alongside the bass for the last few notes as the song ends.

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