Takuya Kuroda: Fly Moon Die Soon

One listen here and I feel that the writing is inconsistent.
Overall what I wrote captures the song pretty well. Not as well as it could, but if you listened to the song and read this you’d get a match… I think. However, there are parts where I could’ve focused on other things and gotten a much richer description. I was too safe with my writing here.

I also think I should’ve used the word “organic” at some point. Alas.

Takuya Kuroda’s “Fly Moon Die Soon” is from Fly Moon Die Soon.

I hope you enjoy.

A beat with what sounds like a drag. Harsh percussion that seems to double itself. Only a few seconds in, however and it gains context as more sounds come in and melodically play out with a sense of the relaxed, or at least the laid back. The sounds themselves also seem to drag, or more appropriately slide and rise off themselves in brief moments.

One particular brass moves in and out of the sounds, creating its own little bounce until the beat comes in livelier, driving all along with a relaxed breezy feel. Perhaps lounge-like. Other brass continues its marking and the vocals flow in with a rhythmic descent and rise, seeming breathy but also not.

Trumpet starts to move around and speeds and slows, marking moments and flowing along. It sits with the vocals and all is in a harmonious state, filling as parts of a singular sound.

A pause and perhaps a question here as all remains cool and collected, and the joy rises in brass painting a scene.

Suddenly there’s a bit more space and all shifts into a different realm of the cool. There’s a bit more of a punch in the beat, or at least its more obvious. Vocals rise in a space and echo into the surrounding nothingness. Sounds are mostly wisps spreading out and dissipating as they reform and keep moving, and soon it’s just trumpet on its own, letting out one note and falling away, falling far and disappearing as the song ends.

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