Sakanatsuri: This Time I Will

I had planned to write about this song yesterday. Didn’t quite get around to it, in part due to work and in part due to procrastination. Getting into it now and, other than a slightly awkward start all of this came easily.

The writing covers the song in a manner that’s accurate but less descriptive of what is specifically happening in the song and I like that. It’s rough writing but it feels appropriate.

As a side note, I think that Sakanatsuri’s work is interesting, though also bland. There is some slight criticism in what I wrote as, even though “This Time I Will” is from a debut album, it treads a lot of worn ground without adding to it.

I think expression is good but too often an artist – especially when it comes to drone and ambient – is verbose in a way that feels like they’re trying to beat you over the head rather than let the atmosphere and emotion permeate. It feels superficial and it seldom works outside of the short-term.

Again, I think Sakanatsuri’s work is interesting. There is a lot of potential here but that potential needs to be utilised.

Sakanatsuri’s “This Time I Will” is from Sadness Defines Your Happiness.
I hope you enjoy.

Low and stretched and something that almost seems like crying vaguely rises outward. It could be based around many things. Perhaps it is catharsis. Maybe sadness. Maybe joy, or resolve. Perhaps dedication.

It sounds stretched and in that stretching sounds that could be ordinary become extra ordinary, but they become beautiful. They seem to rise into view but remain behind a veil; there’s the shape and some detail can be made out, but it’s not entirely clear. It is close and yet it remains distant, and it seems to shimmer slightly and push for emotion, and it laps like slow-moving waves as it fades out and the song ends.

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